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Travel Sheets

Setting Up to Use the Travel Sheet

Printing the Travel Sheet

The management system can produce travel sheets, incorporating desired procedures grouped and sorted in tabular form. These documents can then be printed, and used to generate the Arrivals Sheet with billable selection on the back.  To configure the Travel Sheets, first:  
- all desired procedures must be entered in Procedures (Hospital -> Data Entry -> Procedures)
- All Billable Categories need to be entered in Hospital -> Lists -> Billable Categories
- Assign all Procedures to desired billable categories, in the field Accounting Category

To Set Up the Travel Sheet

1. Go to Hospital->Data->Procedures. Either double-click on a procedure and highlight the Travel Sheet field OR just highlight the Travel Sheet field on Procedure Table.
2. To include that procedure on the Travel Sheet, enter a number in the field of the same name. Leave the Travel Sheet field blank if the procedure is not to appear on the Sheet.
3. Go through all procedures that are to appear on the Travel Sheet and verify that there is a number in the TRAVEL SHEET field.
4. Close Procedure Entry.
5. Go to Hospital -> Lists -> Billable Categories.  In Billable Categories, assign a number between 1 to 20 to each Category that is to appear on the Travel Sheet.  The number designates where it appears on the printed Travel Sheet - 2 columns of tables, with categories numbered 1 - 10 appearing in the left column, and categories 11 - 20 printed in the right column.

To Print the Travel Sheet

    After setting up the values for the Travel Sheet, you're now ready to print the Travel Sheet.
1. Go to Hospital -> Data Entry -> Procedures.
2. Click on the TRAVEL SHEET button.  The tables for the Travel Sheet will be created, based on the values you set.
3. A dialog will appear, indicating if the Travel Sheet Update was successful. Click OK
4. A question will appear, requesting if you want to print the Travel Sheet.  Answer YES.
5. The Travel Sheet will be printed at the Departures Printer.
Review the Travel Sheet to see if the correct Procedures are appearing, and that the Categories in the proper order.  Repeat the steps to customize the Travel Sheet.