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Animal Hospital

Management System

World Class Veterinary Technology with Onsite Support

BWCi Animal Hospital Management System

Training Outline

Training Outline

Animal Hospital Management System Training Outline


  • Everyone should know:
    • Log into the AHMS, transfer to a new user, and close the AHMS
    • Add a New Client
    • Add a New Pet/Animal
    • Modify a Client s information
    • Modify a Pet s Information (add a vaccination, preventative, lab test done elsewhere)
    • Clock in or out using the Time Clock
  • Receptionists
    • Add, modify, delete, & transfer Appointments
    • Arrive an Appointment
    • Arrive a Walkin
    • Process a Departure
    • Review Invoice, add additional items
    • Process a Quick Consult
    • Process a Counter Sale
    • Process a Animal or Client Sale
    • Complete End-of-day Processing, generate a Deposit Slip
    • Access and print certificates and other reports
    • Run Backup
  • Veterinary Technicians
    • Access a visit from Departures & enter billables (procedures, drugs, stock)
    • Enter a Prescription and produce a label
    • Access Lab Tests and enter results
    • Create Advice Log Entries
  • Doctors
    • Access a visit from Departures & enter billables (procedures, drugs, stock)
    • Enter clinical history, through the use of proformas, exam templates, and typing
    • Enter a Prescription and produce a label
    • Add Home Instructions
    • Access Call back list and add a Call Back Reminder
    • Creating Quick Consult
    • Edit visits that have already been processed to add additional info
    • Access Lab Test Results
    • Add Pictures and Objects (faxes, documents, etc.)
    • Create Estimates, Use Standard Estimates
  • Practice/Office Managers
    • Add & Modify Employees
    • Edit Working Hours, Add Vacation/Illness Hours
    • Process Weekly Hours
    • Process Payroll
    • Add or modify Stock and Pharmacy entries
    • Add or modify Procedure entries
    • Correct invoices & visits, including delete duplicates or mistakes
    • Analysis Reports
    • Mail Merge
    • Process Vaccination reminders
    • Create Employee Reminders
    • And so much more, but we're here to help !!!

Review of Data

City/Zip Codes

Employees with Authority Codes


Patient Location



Stock and Inventory



Exam Template Findings


System Setup

Standard Estimates


Click Here to download the AHMS Training Guide in PDF format!