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Appointment Scheduler

Appointment Scheduler

User Questions:
For the Enhanced Appointment Scheduler, how do I remove locks that prevent me from accessing a specific schedule on a specific date? 
Scheduler Setup
Schedule Setup
Purposes Setup
Doctors Setup
Making Appointments
To Use The Appointment Scheduler 
To Print The Appointment Scheduler 
To Navigate Within The Appointment Scheduler 

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Scheduler Setup

Before using the Appointment Scheduler for the first time, you must configure the various schedules using the following procedure:


1. Go to SCHEDULING ->SETUP->SCHEDULER SETUP, and the Setup form will appear. From this form, the times & intervals for all Appointment Scheduler Pages can be configured.  Also, access to the Scheduler Locks is available on the last page of the form.  There are 4 different consultation schedules, one customized schedule (e.g. for Dentals), and a Surgery Schedule.

2. For each schedule, specify the start and end times for each day of the week, including the interval. IMPORTANT NOTE: All times must be in the following format HH:MM:SS AM or HH:MM:SS PM, in the 12-hour format. For the seconds, always specify zero seconds. For example, if you wanted 8:30 AM, enter 08:30:00 AM. Use the examples shown below the schedule pages to enter days with one allocation of appointments, two allocations, or days with no appointments. ALL FIELDS MUST HAVE A VALUE!

3.  Continue with next schedule. Or proceed to step 4.


1. Go to SCHEDULING ->SETUP->SCHEDULER PURPOSES.  The Schedule Purposes form allows entry of the different appointment purposes and the typical allotted time.

2. After viewing the examples, add/delete/update the list to your clinic's practice and verify that all allotted times are in increments of the interval specified for that schedule.

3. Continue with next schedule. Or proceed to step 4.


1. Go to SCHEDULING ->DOCTORS This form will allow the entry of the doctors for each day, AM/PM shifts. 

2.  The Doctor's Schedule for each Appointment Scheduler Page can easily be updated by clicking on the page, then the Doctor X Field, then click on UPDATE DOCTOR. 

3. Enter the name of the doctor and click Ok.  This will automatically fill all dates for that Doctor with the name you entered. You can proceed to step 4.


When all fields for all Schedules are filled in, click on the EXTEND SCHEDULE  button.  The end date for the schedule will be requested, then the Schedule will be created.

Step 4. After going through all three schedules, press the CLOSE button.

You're now ready to start the Appointment Scheduler.

Making Appointments


To use the Appointment Scheduler:

There are two methods in using the Appointment Scheduler: Manual Entry and Client/Pet Attachment. To manually enter simply move the mouse to the timeframe you want to schedule the appointment, click once to highlight the appropriate frame and type in the appropriate information. To use the Client/Pet Attachment:

1. Go to SCHEDULING ->APPOINTMENTS/SURGERY, and the Appointment Scheduler will appear.  

2. Click on the CLIENTS/PETS page.  

3. Type patient's name, SEARCH.      You can also modify client information at the same time that you scheduling their appointment (such as for a new address or phone number) by using MODIFY CLIENT and entering changes.  If client is not found, ask if client is new or a former client. For former client, you may need to search archives for previous client information and reactivate file.  For new Clients, click on NEW CLIENT and add.

4. Locate pet.   If new pet click New Pet and add . If there are changes to the pet file, click MODIFY PET and make changes.

5. Once pet is located and changes are made click HOSPITAL APPOINTMENT (bottom of screen). Pet window appears.  Select pet for appointment by either double clicking on the pet, single click and then  SELECT PET (bottom of window), or SELECT ALL PETS. Click Ok.

6. Select date for appointment. Click date in upper right hand corner and choose date,  or Click Date of week in middle right side.

7. To select  the room for the pet's appointment, Click on ROOM.  Double click on TIME and enter the time.  Select REASON.    Type detail about appointment if any.

You can now enter additional appointments using the same steps.  


To print  the Appointment Scheduler:

 For either Day, Week, or Month.  Click on Day, Week or Month for Print on right side of window


To navigate around the Appointment Scheduler:

1. You can move to ARRIVALS  or DEPARTURE  by click on button at bottom of the screen.

2. You can check pet s vaccination status by clicking on CLIENTS/PETS  and typing Clients name. Pet s name will appear in middle of screen (click on pet name) then vaccination will appear below pet's name.

3. You can modify Client or Pet by clicking  MODIFY CLIENT, MODIFY PET, ADD NEW PET, or ADD NEW CLIENT by clicking buttons at bottom of screen.

4. From this screen you can search by Address, Pet, Account Number, or Phone by clicking on the button at bottom left or screen.