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BWCi Animal Hospital Management System

Interactive Support

Interactive Support

When you need some support, we can be "there" to help!   We can either have a remote session using TeamViewer installed at the hospital or QuickSupport.   Please read about both approaches, with the necessary instructions to follow  To assist in this process, we STRONGLY recommend downloading and installing Skype.  This tool will allow online chatting with our support team, so your phones are not tied up.

This procedure is used to set up your system in order for BWCi to access your data and for communicating details over the Internet using TeamViewer. Obviously, this procedure presumes you have Internet access.



We will have installed and configured TeamViewer on one or several of the workstations at the hospital.  Please verify which workstation, and check to see if TeamViewer is running.  The applet icon shown below shows that TeamViewer is waiting for a connection. 

TeamViewer Applet Icon

If you don't see that applet icon, please check the other workstations and see if there is another workstation or laptoip that has this applet icon.


Once you have located the icon, let us know which station you're at, and we'll remote in to begin the training or support session.

We can use TeamViewer QuickSupport to access any workstation at your hospital, with your permission, and setup.

  1. Call our office to initiate the remote session.  Please describe the improvements or customizations needed, and what workstation you are at.
  2. Open Internet Explorer and go to our website, www.bwci.com
  3. Scroll to the middle, and you will find the section, Remote Access
    1. Click to Download the AHMS TeamViewer
  4. Click on the blue button (shown above), CLICK HERE FOR AHMS REMOTE TRAINING AND SUPPORT.
  5. Download and install the TeamViewer Host application.  We will provide instructions during the installation, so provide a secure connection.
  6. Let us know when it has installed, and then we can remotely access your workstation and begin the training or support session.


  • If nothing happens for several minutes, keep checking for new e-mail (press the SEND/RECEIVE button). If we re experiencing a problem, we will send an e-mail as soon as we receive your first e-mail.
  • If you get disconnected from your ISP (the RECONNECT button comes up), press the RECONNECT button. Once connected, you will need to send us your new IP address (a new one is assigned each time you connect to your ISP). Cancel the current 'pcAnywhere Waiting', then redo the procedure starting at Step 2.