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BWCi Animal Hospital Management System

Reminders Layout

This contains all the standard information that will be viewed in a written reminder or letter.  The Reminders Layout is the screen used to change or add information to standard letters or reminders.
2. Reminders Layout Screen will come up.  The various reminders and letters are shown in tabbed format.  To view any reminder, press the light blue tab for VAX, 2ND VAX, RABBIT VAX, DENTAL, GERIATRIC, NEW CLIENTS, BIRTHDAYS, DESEX, and REFERRAL.
3. Press EDIT button to allow changes to the layout.  You can change the title, body of the letter, comments after the patient table, or add a coupon or message as a footnote. Move your mouse to the area where you want to change the text and click once.  Type or delete as you would in word processing.  To format the text you have typed, follow the directions provided in the center of the page to highlight and alter the text.
4. Enter your name in the author line.
5. Enter vet comments in the next line.
6. Press CLOSE to complete the layout.
NOTE:  It is advised for large or multiple letters and reminders,  that a minimum of pages are first produced and reviewed for accuracy and correct type of reminder sought.  In order to print a minimum of pages, go to REPORT -> PRINT, then select PRINT PAGE RANGE and enter from 1 to 5 pages, then PRINT.  This will provide the first five pages for review.  Once you are sure this is the letter or reminder you are seeking, you can request a complete printing of the reminder.