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Add or Modify Employee Payroll Information

Processing Payroll

Print Another Copy of the Weekly Payroll Report

If you are having difficulty entering the payroll module you may not be authorized to enter this area.  You need to enter all employees (See Employee Module to enter or modify employee and user information).  Once all employees have been entered, you need to specify all payroll information for each employee. 
1. Go to BUSINESS -> EMPLOYEES, and mouse-click on PAYROLL. The Payroll Form will appear, allowing you to enter the employee payroll information (you can see the list of employees), to process working hours, and to process Payroll.

Add or Modify Employee Payroll Information

1. To enter or change an employee�s payroll information, double-click on their name (either yellow field) or mouse-click on their name and press the Edit By Item button. Either action will bring to a form with several tabbed sections: Salary, Benefits, W-4 Information, Additional and Pension Funds.
2. Specify whether this employee is on payroll. Go in the Edit mode and mouse-click on the ON PAYROLL field in the upper, right corner of the form. NOTE: If there is a check in the On Payroll box, that employee is on payroll.
3. Go to each tabbed section, and enter in all information.  NOTE: If there is no value for a field (for example, there is no pension deduction for an employee) then put a zero in the field.
4. For the Salary Section, specify what the wage or salary is being paid to this employee. Enter a non-zero value in one of the fields in this section. During each pay period, you can also include a commission.  NOTE: All employees must have the same pay period.
Once all employees have wage and deduction information in their payroll information record, you may proceed to pay.

Processing Payroll

The following procedure describes the steps involved, and the options available to the business. NOTE:  It is very important that you thoroughly read each & every dialog box that appears, before answering any questions.
If your employees are using the Timeclock, press the PROCESS HOURS button.
a)  A dialog box will appear asking if you want to process hours for �today�. You want to process hours on the day you run payroll or the day after the last full working day (to include all hours for that pay period). If you want to run payroll on the date shown, answer YES.  If you want to enter a different date, answer NO and when the calendar appears, mouse-click on the date you want.
b)  dialog box will now appear telling you that the Weekly Hours report will now be printed. A report will now be printed, showing the hours worked for each employee. That�s it for processing working hours.
Press the PROCESS PAYROLL button.
The first dialog box to appear will just remind you to read all questions carefully. The questions are simple. Press the OK button to continue.
The next dialog box asks that you have updated and entered all payroll and employee information. This is a reminder to allow you to end the payroll process if you need to make any changes. Answer YES if all payroll information has been entered. If you have not prepared payroll information, answer NO and continue with steps to ADD OR MODIFY EMPLOYEE PAYROLL INFORMATION.
The Time Clock Dialog box will now appear, asking if the system has been maintaining the working hours for all employees (e.g. you have been using the Timeclock Module). Answer YES if you�re using the time clock. Answer NO if you will hand enter the hours, or you are not using the Timeclock.
If you answered YES to the Timeclock, then the next dialog box will ask you if you are Processing Hours. Answer YES if you have followed these instructions, since you did already Process Hours. This will tell the system to automatically transfer the hours worked into the payroll process.
The next dialog box will tell you when the last payroll was processed, and asks if you want to proceed. Answer YES  to continue.  Answer NO if need to end this process.
A dialog box will appear asking if you want to process Payroll �today�. NOTE: You want to process Payroll on the same day for each pay period. If you want to continue this process on the date provided, answer YES.  If you want to enter a different date, answer NO and when the calendar appears, mouse-click on the date you want.
Now, a form will appear to allow you to enter in the hours, commission, and check all entries for each employee.
The Payroll Entry form will appear, with the current payroll entries for this pay period. If you have not used the Timeclock, you will need to enter the hours worked for all employees that are on an hourly wage. You can also add any commission for additional wages. The yellow column on the right will show the total pay for that employee for this pay period. When entering the hours or commission, make sure you tab through all fields that you change, and you will notice the total pay updated. When you have entered all hours/commission, and reviewed all information, press the OK button to continue.
The payroll preparation process is now completed, as the next dialog box will state. This box will ask if you want to print the Payroll Report. 
Answer YES, and the system will print a payroll sheet to be given to each employee, showing total pay, all withholdings, and their net pay. The report will also have a page for the employer, showing summary totals for the pay period.
Answer NO, then press the REPORTS/SUMMARIES button which will bring up the Reports Form. Press PAYROLL CHECKS button, and select the pay period. This step will also automatically update Accounts Payable.
When the Print File dialog box appears, press the OK button.
The payroll process is now completed.

To Print Another Copy of the Weekly Payroll Reports

You can always print another copy of the payroll reports (employee pay & employer summary) by following the steps below:
Go to BUSINESS -> EMPLOYEES and mouse-click on PAYROLL.
When the PAYROLL form appears, press the REPORTS button.
A PRINT OR PREVIEW dialog box will appear.   Answer YES if you want to preview the report before printing.  Answer NO if you just want to print the report.
A PRINTING PAYROLL dialog box will appear, and the SPECIFY DATE is tagged. The field to the right (arrow pointing to it) will allow you to specify what pay date to print.
Mouse-click on the down-karat button on the right side of this field. A list of available dates will appear.
Scroll down through the list until you find the pay date wanted. Mouse-click on that date, and it will appear in the field.
Press the RETURN button, and select a preview or print option:
If you chose the PREVIEW mode, the report will appear.  If in the preview mode, go to Report and mouse-click on CLOSE to close the preview.
If you chose PRINT, the reports will begin printing (you may have to press the OK button appearing in the PRINT dialog box).
Press the OK button, then the CLOSE button to close PAYROLL.