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Animal Hospital

Management System

World Class Veterinary Technology with Onsite Support

BWCi Animal Hospital Management System

Detailed Access

Basic Support - Detailed Access

We have organized the Support web with the following themes below, but remember to call us with any questions or to experience our "on-site" help!



Accounting Module

The Cash Journal provides Check Printing, Multiple Accounts, and a simple interface for the practice to track funds in house.  The more elaborate accounting functions can be found under the General Journal, including Income Statements, Trial Balances, and Balance Sheet reports.

Accounts Payable

AP is used to track invoices from suppliers, with our special AutoPay function!  This is integrated in the Ordering Module, so all orders received update the Accounts Payable.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable tracks and prepares bills for the client accounts, with simple monthly statement generation including interest charges and accounting fees.  Bills are prepared for both small and large animals.

Appointment Scheduler

The Appointment Scheduler is fully integrated with the Arrivals & Departures Module as well as with client and pet records. You can set a schedule for several days in advance and have separate schedules for each doctor and for surgical processes.

User Questions

For the Enhanced Appointment Scheduler, how do I remove locks that prevent me from accessing a specific schedule on a specific date?


The Primary  Module for incoming  patients, providing a simple flow for the processing of patients.  From this point of entry you can recall clients and pets, set up new clients and pets, view and update clinical history and prepare for the current visit.

Business Day, Begin & End of Day

A regular day begins with setting up your daybook to handle today's financial activities.  At the end of the day, cash will be processed, totals determined and the daybook is reset to begin the following day. This will also guide you in setting up the accounts receivable categories for your daybook.


Our Client Module provides an organized view of all client information, with special functions including an integrated contact manager. You can add, delete, and modify client information.


The Primary  Module for outgoing patients, providing a simple flow for the processing of patients, recording current activity, updating records, and collecting/recording revenue.

Employees, Timeclock 

The Employee Module is required to enter all users of our practice management system, with access to editing working hours.  The Timeclock is fully integrated with the Payroll Module.  Using STATUS VIEW, you can quickly determine which employees are where!


The Estimates/Quotes module allows the practice to produce documented estimates for more complex procedures and visits.  The estimates can be entered as Standard Estimates (for quick reference) and can also be attached to the client & patient.

Object Storage

You can store Objects (documents, images, video, sound recordings, etc.) attached to the Pet Record and/or clinical history.


Our Payroll Module allows the practice to process payroll in house, and auto-updates the Cash Journal.  Pension, insurance, and judgment functions are available.


Our Pet Information Form provides a wealth of information, just a mouse-click away.


Pharmacy  is a listing of each and every drug that an office can provide.  This is the source for many areas where drop down menu's automatically fill data screens. It provides identifying detail, dosages and associated fees.

Price Update

Price Update allows you to globally change prices for Procedures, Pharmacy and Stock based on numerical or percentage changes.  Specific Billable Categories can be selected, and a Virtual Price Update previews the changes so you can review before applying.


Procedures is a listing of each and every potential activity that an office can perform.  This is the source for many areas where drop down menu's automatically fill data screens. It provides identifying detail and associated fees.


Inventory control is a must, and we add a special touch to it!


Setting the standards for your office requires that  definitions be entered into various lists that are the controls for your business. Once these categories are filled, they become the choices from various drop down menus throughout the system.


Stock is a listing of each and every item that an office can sell.  This is the source for many areas where drop down menu's automatically fill data screens. It provides identifying detail, quantities and associated fees.

System Reminders (coming soon)

The Reminder System has several levels: Basic Reminders, Employee Reminders, Client Reminders, Pet Reminders/Alerts, Call-Back Reminders.

Travel Sheets

The travel sheet is a handy report to document charges for a visit, when a computer is not available at a remote location.  It facilitates entering the billables.

Reminders and Letters

Reminders & Letters Layout

Our fully customized Reminder module handles small & large animal reminders, including postcard and letter size.  This module also has the following reminders letters available to the clinic, for easy processing:

Click on PETS to learn how to add vaccinations.