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BWCi Animal Hospital Management System

DeSex/Spay/Neuter Reminders

2. The Desex Reminder Screen will come up which will show the last date and time that reminders were sent.  If there are no past reminders this may be the first time that reminders have been processed and you may have to set up the parameters for frequency and next date to run.  The system will prompt you for this information.
3.  To start a new run, click on PROCESS REMINDER button on lower left.
4. You will be asked if you want to process First Reminders today.  Press YES to run reminders, Press NO to enter a different date.
5. You will be prompted with the last date that reminders and asked if you wish to continue processing reminders?  Press YES to proceed.  Press NO to quit.
6. It may take a few minutes to process all the reminders.  Then you will be prompted that the first reminders are now ready to print and will be displayed in the preview mode.  Before you agree, be sure that you are connected to the printer and that the carrier is filled with the appropriate paper or post card stock.  When paper and printer are ready, press the OK button on the message screen.
7. A preview sheet will appear on the screen.  You may press the X in the upper right corner on each preview page that you view. (NOTE:  If no pets have reminders during this time frame, you will be prompted with this information and should press OK to continue)
8.  When all preview sheets have been reviewed, a prompt will come up asking if all letters were printed?  Press YES to end.  Press NO to locate the missing letters. Follow prompts to print additional letters.
9. Once all reminders are complete, you will be back at the Desex Reminder Screen and the most current update just run will already occupy the field data across the page.  Press CLOSE to end this session.