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Animal Hospital

Management System

World Class Veterinary Technology with Onsite Support

BWCi Animal Hospital Management System

Our Support

Basic Support

We have organized the Support web with the following themes below, but remember to call us with any questions or to experience our "on-site" help!

General Assistance

How to get started, basic functions within our system

Detailed Support

Screen level instructions, for each module in our system


When you're having trouble with your system, network, printer and life :-)

1st Step Troubleshooting

Try this first, if you get Windows errors or General Protection Faults.

Training Guide

Learning how to use the AHMS: Who should know what !

Printing Configuration

How to setup the Printers at Each Workstation or Session

Interactive Support

How to contact us and setup for a Remote session


Our new Quick Help Reference Guide

Backing Up Data

Instructions on Backing Up Data.  Required Reading

(Updated on 4/5/2012)

Viruses & Firewalls

Virus Scanning and Firewall Protection Required Reading

(Updated on 4/5/2012)

Power Outage Procedure

Procedure to follow when a power outage occurs.

(Updated on 4/5/2012)

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On any page of our site, click on the down arrow button in the upper, right corner:

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Then you will see the search field (as shown below)

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Enter your search terms, then click the blue button.  The results will automatically appear.

Articles to Help You do the Right thing!

Please read these articles, to help convince you to do the right thing!

Web Tutorials

To learn about the AHMS functions by watching webcasts of how to perform some of the basic functions.