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Animal Hospital

Management System

World Class Veterinary Technology with Onsite Support

BWCi Animal Hospital Management System

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Complete Solution

The AHMS provides a complete management system, handling all aspects of your hospital, with features optimized for specific types of practices and styles of veterinary care.  Experience our 360° Approach to Technology...

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Time Management

With the best Appointment Schedulers - the Enhanced Appointment Scheduler for larger hospitals and the Basic Appointment Scheduler for smaller hospitals & mobile practices and an integrated Time Clock... 

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Since birth, the AHMS has evolved within the veterinary practice, with all functions and features focused on your needs.  With over 20 years managing animal hospitals, the AHMS continues to evolve with new functions...

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What Our Clients Say!

Thank you so much for all your help with our new software and so much more.

It is greatly appreciated.

It is service after the sale that brings value to a product and you have certainly proved that.

From Doug (Office Manager) and Staff of Myoma Animal Hospital, Mars, Pennsylvania

Welcome to Our AHMS, Evolving into QuickVet!

World Class Information Management & Support for the Veterinary Profession

Our AHMS Adapts to your Practice, Providing a Solution to Managing that is Unique, Effective and Guaranteed

BWCi Animal Hospital Management SystemThe Animal Hospital Management System (AHMS) adapts to your veterinary practice, fitting the flow of patients through your hospital and managing all their activities, needs & analysis.  With our unique approach to training and implementation, we take the time to develop a plan that is ideal for your hospital and is under your control.

The AHMS is the Best Solution

Complete Management: The AHMS provides a complete management system, handling all aspects of your hospital, with features optimized for specific types of practices and styles of veterinary care.

Time Management: With the best Appointment Schedulers - the Enhanced Appointment Scheduler for larger hospitals and the Basic Appointment Scheduler for smaller hospitals & mobile practices.

Evolution: Since birth, the AHMS has evolved within the veterinary practice, with all functions and features focused on your needs.

Training: Under your control, our trainers (practice managers, staff from our hospitals, consultants in technology integration) work closely with your staff to utilize the AHMS to its fullest.

Transition: Under your guidance, we develop a transition plan that is easy to accomplish, and your hospital is never without a system.  You control when your hospital goes live with the AHMS, and this can be accomplished in phases as well.

Demonstration: The only way to truly find the practice management system that is best for your hospital is a live demonstration, and we excel at this phase.  With no obligation, we can either visit your hospital or provide a live, web demo at your convenience.  Click here to schedule a demonstration!

The Animal Hospital Management System (AHMS) is fluid technology with real-time veterinary activity, including inventory control, payroll, accounting, and clinical record keeping. Using an open data set, the AHMS includes the Enhanced Appointment Scheduler, handling over 400 doctor schedules organized by services and meeting the demands of one of the largest animal hospitals in the world.  With customized interfaces and reports to meet your hospital's needs, the AHMS flows as your practice flows, handling all data and information, including text, pictures, video, sound, faxes, and interfaces to laboratory equipment.

2017 AVMA ConventionExperience QUICKPACS and QuickVet Working Together at the ServiceNet Medical X-Ray/QUICKPACS Exhibit #826

2017 AVMA Convention at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 21 - 25, 2017

QuickVet works seamlessly with QUICKPACS, the Premier Cloud-Based RIS/PACS (Radiology Information System / Picture Archiving and Communication System).  To see this partnership in technology, we invite you to visit the ServiceNet Medical X-Ray/QUICKPACS Exhibit #826 at the 2017 AVMA Convention at the Indiana Convention Center on July 21 - 25, 2017.  The Conference is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Specially for your Practice

Large Medical Centers and Hospitals over 25 Doctors: Large hospitals have unique needs that are far beyond the basic system, and the AHMS incorporates functions that meet these super needs:

Enhanced Appointment Scheduler: With functions beyond anything else on the market, our Enhanced Appointment Scheduler can handle any number of doctor schedules, organized by services, with Doctor and Intern Rotations, Bump Lists, and every capability needed by the largest hospitals.

Pick Lists: Every hospital needs inventory control, but large medical centers need inventory control at multiple locations, and the ability to track expenses at hospital-specific cost centers.

Referral & Emergency Hospitals: With referral doctor linkages to clients, patients and visits, the AHMS will handle the communications with the client's hospital and maintain proper analysis for all referrals.

Small Animal Practices: Every function a small animal practice needs, and more!  Though the AHMS has many interfaces, you only use those that you need, and thus maintain the flow that gets work done.

Large Animal Practices: You have special needs, and the AHMS has them.  Just ask us what you need to help your large animal practice succeed, and we'll show you, so you can choose the AHMS!

Mixed Practices: Since the AHMS incorporates interfaces specific to small animal and large animal, each area can use their desired screens.  Plus, all analysis can separate large and small animal revenue, as well as separate reminders and communications, adapted to each type of client.

Species-Specific Practices: With the adaptive nature of the AHMS, your system can provide a unique, species-specific approach to your work, including reports that educate the client.

Mobile Practices: Unique interfaces have been optimized for the mobile practice, specific to house calls, farm calls, ranch calls and equine dentistry.

Veterinary Practices with Mobile Doctors: The AHMS can manage multiple remote laptops being used simultaneously for farm and house calls.  Each laptop will have all information needed, and will synch back with the main hospital, either when connected to the network, or remotely over the internet. .

Managing your Practice

Adapted to your Unique Practice: The AHMS is fully customized, including creating any special reports and analyses, specifically for your hospital.  Your clients will appreciate the unique look of your invoices and communications, providing a consistent image with your present hospital image.

'Open Data' = Infinite Uses: The AHMS is based on the OPEN DATA principle.  The data is owned by the veterinary hospital and thus is accessible by the veterinary hospital, using other applications if necessary.

Up & Running Quickly: A standard set of data is provided so you can start using the AHMS from day 1, and it will include your present data, maintaining account numbers, codes, and other information with which you are familiar.

360° Approach to Technology: We can assist with all aspects of welcoming your hospital into the digital world: recommendations and reviews of hardware, network cabling, internet access, etc.  The AHMS works seamlessly with all open technologies: Bar Codes (scanners and printing), Tablet PCs, as well as Pet Portals/Vet street®, Home Again®, “The 5 Minute Veterinary Consult” on CD, and Healthy Pet Magazine, to name a few.

Updating the AHMS - Our Responsibility: We never send you CDs or floppies to update the AHMS.  We perform all updates remotely, and don’t take up your time upgrading our AHMS.

Easy to Use: The AHMS has the most user-friendly, best performing Appointment Scheduler, with 2 versions, to fit the size of your hospital.

Comfortable Transition to the AHMS: BWCi never requires your hospital to be closed during the transition.  We discuss a plan designed specifically for your hospital to provide a smooth transition to the AHMS, including 2 data conversions, and adequate training prior to going live.

Boarding Facility + Veterinary Hospital: The AHMS can maintain a boarding kennel and the veterinary hospital using the same data set, but allow separate analysis for each business.

Multiple Hospitals Managed by one AHMS: The AHMS can manage multiple sites and business units using the same data set. A client arrives at one of your satellite clinics, and needs to see a specialist.  The AHMS allows you to arrive that patient, document needs and produce estimates, check the schedule for the specialist at the main hospital, and even transfer that patient to the hospital's Departures for immediate access.

Helping Your Practice

Easy to Use the AHMS for all Business Functions: Since the AHMS has a consistent look to all its screens and follows a nature flow, you will find the AHMS easy to use.  Once you've learned to use one module, you can easily use all other functions within the AHMS.

Technologies You Need to Succeed: We work closely with our client practices, and have amassed a wealth of information on the technologies and tools that our practices have used to succeed.

Our Focus - Your Practice: Since we are committed to helping your practice, a 360° assessment is provided, with immediate, short-term and long-term strategies to implement.  We're not just a box of software to install!

Confidence for Your Practice

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Choose the AHMS with confidence, since we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee up to the first five (5) years of use - the longest guarantee for a veterinary practice management system!

Born, Grown and Continues to Evolve Exclusively in Veterinary Practices: The AHMS and our expertise is exclusively focused on veterinary practices, and we know how to best implement technology in your veterinary practice.

Open Data: Our 'Open Data' philosophy assures that you own your data, and have full access to it.  We've incorporated tools to export your practice data to help with client communications and marketing, completely under your control.

Industry-Standard Technology: The AHMS runs on industry-standard hardware and software, utilizing the Windows platform.  We help your practice implement standard technology so you can incorporate other technologies to improve your business!

QUICKPACS TechnologiesLatest Technology for Your Practice - QUICKPACS

QUICKPACS Technologies is a complete cloud-based RIS/PACS and Medical Image Archival and Storage Solution that gives you an easy and secure method to upload, store, view, share and manage your Digital X-Ray images in the “cloud.”

QUICKPACS and the AHMS Work Well Together: Your digital radiographs are just a click away in the AHMS when stored in QUICKPACS. Plus, you can easily share these images with the client or a referring veterinarian.

Click Here to see how well QUICKPACS works with the AHMS!

Off-Site, Cloud-Based Storage Solutions: Most veterinary hospitals across the U.S. and abroad are still storing image data locally while the medical industries on the human side are enjoying off-site, cloud-based storage solutions and have been for years.  We have worked hard to offer the veterinary market off-site, cloud-based storage solutions that go above and beyond at a price that you won’t find anywhere else.

QUICKPACS Technologies will provide: Seven (7) or Twenty-One (21) years of archiving, access and storage of all images.

 One (1) login credential for a Veterinary Clinician/Radiology with the ability to log in from multiple computers

More than one login can be added:  three (3), five (5) and UNLIMITED

DICOM viewer with a wide variety of measurement of viewing tools

PRIORS showing up on the work-list thereby providing ability to the doctor to pick an old study and view the image and report immediately and compare with new study

Database of old reports and images which can be searched based on multiple parameters

AHMS In Action

On-Site or Live Web Demonstrations Anytime

The best way to select the right practice management system for your hospital is to experience in action, with our advice and real-world examples.  We will visit your hospital to perform an AHMS Demonstration with no obligation, or if time is critical, perform a Live Web Demonstration anytime, to meet your busy schedule.  Click here to send us a request for a demonstration.

Choose the AHMS with confidence, since we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee up to the first five (5) years of use - the longest guarantee for a veterinary practice management system!

AHMS Online Backup

Click Here to Learn about AHMS Online Backup by MozyProAHMS Now Comes with Online Backup Provided by MozyPro

Your data in the Animal Hospital Management System must be protected using the most advanced, secure and reliable backup strategy available, using Online Backup by MozyPro.  Click here to learn about online backup and why it's the only way to be sure your data is protected.

Your data in the Animal Hospital Management System is mission critical and must be protected with our Online Backup!