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The best way to select the right practice management system for your hospital is to experience in action, with our advice and real-world examples.  We will visit your hospital to perform an AHMS Demonstration with no obligation, or if time is critical, perform a Live Web Demonstration anytime, to meet your busy schedule.  Click here to send us a request for a demonstration.


Choose the AHMS with confidence, since we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee up to the first five (5) years of use - the longest guarantee for a veterinary practice management system!




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Colonial Veterinary Conference

Visit our exhibit at the upcoming conference to learn more about the AHMS and how we can help your practice use technology to improve medical treatment, client compliance and business success!

Colonial Veterinary Conference

Experience the AHMS in Action : Please visit us at the Colonial Veterinary Conference, December 4 - 8, 2013 at the Fort Magruder Hotel and Conference Center in Williamsburg, Virginia during Grand Illumination!

If you can't make it to the conference, you can always click here to request more information or a live web demo of the AHMS or AHMS SQL..




AHMS Online Backup

AHMS Now Comes with Online Backup Provided by MozyPro

Click Here to Learn about AHMS Online Backup by MozyPro

Your data in the Animal Hospital Management System is mission critical, and must be protected using the most advanced, secure and reliable backup strategy available, using Online Backup by MozyPro.  Click here to learn about online backup and why it's the only way to be sure your data is protected.





We can visit your hospital at your convenience or perform a live web demonstration at anytime.  Please fill out the form below, and click SUBMIT.

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Software is the backbone of your veterinary management system.  It should serve the business you provide.  Search for a system that was specifically designed for veterinary use.  There are about 40 different management systems on the market today and new ones will appear annually.  If you continue to wait for the newest and next best , you will have missed out on the benefits of today’s products.


Selecting software is a matter of research.  Doing your homework will provide all you need to make a wise decision. To help you do research,  AAHA has collected information on the leaders in software and compiled this list into the Guide available in the July/August 2005 issue of TRENDS magazine.  AAHA explains the fundamentals of computer systems in an understandable format and details all the benefits and costs of each system.  To order a copy of The Software Guide call AAHA at (303) 986-2800.


From the guide, make a checklist of all the items of importance in your hospital/clinic and note any additional expenses beside your list of needs.  Narrow the list of tentative companies to about 5-7 and contact them for a live demonstration.  Some may provide a demonstration disk which is an alternate measure for narrowing your list, but does NOT provide one-on-one answers for the questions and concerns of staff and doctors that you would get at a live demonstration. Remember that software is a critical and substantial investment, financially and in staff training. You need to be comfortable that the company and software will serve you!


Be sure the software company you select continues to improve continuously -- today’s technology rapidly changes and software must stay on top to continue to keep you in the forefront.  Ask  the company you are considering for the last three improvements they made to their system -- if they can’t tell you, they haven’t made any.


After scheduling the demonstrations plan a list of questions, features you want to see, plan to bring assorted staff into the demonstration to assess their comfort with the potential software, and ask about conversion, training, support, future upgrades and costs.  Have 5 companies perform demonstrations and let them know you will get back to them with additional questions before you make a decision.  From your review of software and your list of desired computers, you can now prepare a financial plan, and are well on the road on the your new management system.