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Boarding and Grooming

Boarding and Grooming

Our Boarding Module is fully integrated with the AHMS...
AHMS Boarding Summary with Customized Containers
When accessing a client in the AHMS, a click of the mouse will open access to Boarding functions for that client. You can easily access the Boarding Summary (shown above) to see what containers are available, and of course, the containers and quantities (both standard and overflow quantities are supported) are fully customized by you! Depending on screen size and resolution, an entire month can be shown in the Boarding Summary!

During the Reservation process, any necessary information can be documented and maintained, including nail trimmings, baths, grooming, and any comments from the client. This information will be presented for clarification during the boarding arrival.
Boarding Reservations
A boarding visit can be easily transferred to the Hospital Departures, for any treatment/vaccinations/surgery, then transferred back to the Boarding Departures. This organization of visits is ideal for larger boarding facilities, but maintains ease of use to handle those unplanned events!

Reports and screens can be processed to list all medications for all residents, or all diets for all residents, providing a high level of organization and efficiency. Observations can be documented, based on your desired times and intervals, to provide a complete record of the boarding visit.


The Boarding Module....

manages any boarding facility, tracking up to 10 different containers!

Pet Kennel Profile with Customized Alerts

With one click, you can easily see all the animals arriving today, and even arrive them from this screen. This screen lists the clients alphabetically, for easy lookup, and then clicking on the BOARDING ARRIVALS will arrive those animals, allowing documentation of all information necessary during the arrival process. The previous boarding visit’s information will appear, to reduce typing and provide consistency.

The Kennel Profile, accessible through the Pet Record, provides easy entry for all boarding information, and is automatically updated with each visit. If there are fields or information that are needed for your boarding facility, remember, the AHMS is customized. It’s easy to add additional fields, relationships, and reports to properly manage the facility!