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BWCi Animal Hospital Management System

Animal Hospital Management System (AHMS)

The AHMS can perform, record & manage all activities in your hospital!



About our AHMS!

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Enhanced Appointment Scheduler

Our Enhanced Appointment Scheduler is used in one of the largest veterinary practices in the world, and has unlimited capability to manage appointments, doctor rotations, and many other functions!

Boarding Module

Our Boarding Module handles all boarding and grooming funtions for boarding faciilities of any size, from a couple of runs, to 100s of runs/Cat Condos/cages, etc.

Dental Profile

Our Dental Profile demonstrates that any paper or static template can be incorporated into the AHMS, allowing digital storage of this information! 

Mobile Module for House Calls and Ranch/Farm Visits

Our Mobile Module provides the full capability of the AHMS on the road, either house calls, ranch calls or farm visits.  When returning, all information can synch with the hospital server.


QUICKPACS Technologies is a complete cloud-based RIS/PACS and Medical Image Archival and Storage Solution that gives you an easy and secure method to upload, store, view, share and manage your Digital X-Ray images in the “cloud". Your digital radiographs are just a click away in the AHMS when stored in QUICKPACS. Plus, you can easily share these images with the client or a referring veterinarian. .

Our Multimedia Presentation of the AHMS

We have developed a multimedia presentation of the AHMS, to impress upon you the ease of use and how well it matches the flow of a veterinary practice.  If you are interested in receiving this presentation on CD-ROM, please click here to request a CD and Information Packet!

Our Web Demonstration

To learn how the AHMS looks and flows, click on Our Web Demonstration and see it in action.  If you want to talk with our staff and see specific functions and flows, click here to request a live demonstration.

Functions that Help Your Practice Succeed

  • Personalized to your Practice— The AHMS is fully adaptive to your needs. Your clients will appreciate the unique look of your invoices and communications, providing a consistent image with your practice style.

  • Integration of Multiple Practices and Locations-You can efficiently manage multiple practices and locations, using one data set, and maintain unique information at each location. With our technology expertise and the AHMS, a client can visit one of your practices, then be referred to your specialty referral practice, then transferred to your full-service hospital, and their information is available and updated at each location. This integration extends to all levels: appointments, invoicing, clinical records, etc.